Board games for Presents

Why board games?

boardgame presents

When most people think of board games, games such as Cluedo, Monopoly and Scrabble come to mind, these are all very well and good but they aren't the only games out there. The board gaming industry has had quite a growth the last couple of years and the games themselves have changed. Boardgames are a fun way of spending time with friends, family and loved ones and appeal to so many different people.  

Boardgames come with different goals and how seriously they need to be taken. They can be as silly as herding cats to as serious organising cities. This is great because chances are you can find something to play that someone you know will enjoy playing, once you figured out the rules. Thankfully the games come with rulebooks and sometimes youtube videos or wikipedia pages. Often it is a lot of fun trying to figure out what game would appeal to a person that you are shopping for. 

I think Boardgames work as a present for most people, as long as they have someone to play them with. So if you going to buy a board game, then be a pal and play the game with them.

My favourite places to buy a board game:

Outerlimits in Melville:

I love how amazing and friendly, Grant and his staff are. You build a relationship with them, they get to know you and your friends and have great recommendations. (They are moving their shop to Nexus in Randburg in January but still open in Melville.)

While you won't be building a relationship with them, you will definitely get the presents sent to any place around South Africa. 


This is great when you need to ship presents around the world. Shipping to South Africa is expensive but really reasonable if you sending presents to Europe or North America. 

Games that are good:

I did do a post last year on casual boardgames. You can read it here. I also wrote a review on Flux, so check that out here

Let me know, if you want a written review.