Uncomplicating skincare with Lulu and Marula

Okay, hand up if you have no idea what glycolic acid is, and think it might be one of those things you need to rush someone to the hospital for if it comes in contact with their skin. If lactic acid sounds a bit too much like something that certain types of vegans tell you is in your cheese and so you need to stop eating cheese.

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Just 4 products

A whole new approuch to skincare

If you know what all of these are great, if you don't, I will put links at the bottom of this post so that you can find out for yourself. They both are good for your skin or so Queen of Skincare Caroline Hirons tells me, and I am not arguing.

Last year I did that thing all brides to some extent do, I did the skincare routine if extreme. I went for facials and used fairly strong skin care products and the list just kept getting longer and longer of things I was doing and how I was doing it and it got exhausting and expensive. It also didn't get to the point where was amazing. My skin just looked good for me, normal for someone else. 

As the products started to finish and I replaced things with cheaper options, I have a few that worked and a few to stay away from on the budget side, comment to let me know if you would like me to share those. I started to realise that 6 to 10 steps for skincare is a bit ridiculous and only proving to make me broke not give me the almost blurred photoshop perfection that I was hoping for. I did something 3 months ago that made a huge difference. 

I quit sugar

Quitting sugar had an instant effect almost within two weeks the hormonal acne on my jaw started disappearing, the laser hadn't even gotten rid of that, my skin started looking better. I started feeling so much better about myself. I cut out unnecessary carbs as well though if I need a bowl of pasta, I am not going to stand in my way cause well its pasta. 

Uncomplicating Skincare

As I mentioned Caroling Hirons, was doing a review of the brand "Drunken Elephant" and mentioned how amazing the marula oil in the product was for skincare and my brain went to I want this. A few seconds later I remembered that:

  1. I live in South Africa, they don't sell it here and if I find an importer it will be way out of my budget.

  2. Murula grows in Africa, so why will I be importing something from overseas that contains ingredients that we grow here.

  3. I am sure there must be local skincare companies that make amazing products that contain marula oil.

So I started looking, it didn't take long and then I found Lulu and Murula, not only is their website the stuff of design goals. Their products looked amazing and answered two of my biggest questions about beauty, is it easy to use and works, and is it packaged in an eco-friendly manner. Although I live very far away from the ocean, I have gotten very invested in living a less wasteful lifestyle because of local wildlife. I don't think plastic is good for meerkats and bat-eared foxes either.

After a quick noisy around, I matched my skin type to their combination/ oily type and bought the travel sized set or the trial size to see if it worked for me before I invested in the bigger products. I also like using travel size as a guide for how long something will last me before investing. Doesn't help the product costs me R400 and doesn't last a month. 

So what I got in the kit that came in an adorable little box and a handwritten note from the owner of the business, like how special is that? 

Balancing Cleansing Balm

Lulu and Marula Balancing Cleansing Balms.png

I like cleansing balms, I love my Bodyshop one and this one is a good rival for it. This is thicker, not sure if it's maybe the weather making it think since it is winter but this balm is thick and smells amazing. The heat from my skin makes this go all creamy and oily and it not only removes my make up but makes my skin feels super soft and super clean at the same time. It's almost so good that I forget to do a second cleanse sometimes. I only use it at night though or when I have time to spare and want to leave it on as an extra moisturising face mask to get rid of impurities.  If you don't like dipping your fingers into pots of goop, you might consider getting over that for this.

Two-in-one Purifying Face Mask and Polish

lulu and marula mask and polish.png

So this is a powder, it freaked me out a little the first time I saw it. It is a greenish-grey powder that you either pour a little bit into your hand or into a bowl. I don't yet have a powder bowl so using my hand for now. You then make it wet using either the tonic spray or water, I have tried both combos. Then you can either scrub your face with this product or you apply it like a mask. I haven't tied it as a mask yet but quite like how my skin looks and feels after using it as a scrub. I have noticed that when I use it with the tonic that my skin can become a bit red and tight afterwards but it goes away quickly and then my skin looks amazing. So my advice is, use it with water in the mornings if you decide to use it in the morning and the tonic at night. That way you don't need to apply extra makeup to your skin to counter the redness during the day if you're like me.

Glow-inducing Refreshing Tonic Mist

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Okay so this mist is just amazing, it makes your skin feel toned but not tight, it can be refreshing when you just need a pick me up and works so well to just get everything working well. It smells divine and if I could give some of this to everyone that I know I would. It contains salicylic acid which is what helps get rid of impurities deep down in your skin and makes the exfoliating that you did earlier really work. 

Purifying Treatment Oil

lulu and marula treatment oil.png

So the oil is what you would replace cream with in this case, this one contains more salicylic acid so it really helps renew your skin and getting everything soft and shiny. It also marula oil and so many others that you can just check the link. This oil is divine and thick but doesn't leave your skin feeling oily, it absorbs really quickly. I do prefer to use it at night so it has more time to absorb and work. During the day, I use a light moisturiser and sunblock instead of the oil or a light oil from Soil, and sunblock under makeup. I learnt that oils make most of my foundations sit better on my skin if I leave enough time for absorption. I just wish it had a pump and not a dropper.

My final thoughts

The products are long lasting, a small amount goes a long way, and doesn't feel like you are being skimpy about your skincare. I really enjoy the fact that the products are South African so help with employment and job creation. Though the products aren't the cheapest, they also won't be breaking the bank since the most expensive product in this range is R400 and I think it will last quite a long time. 

Link to acids as promised

Also if you would like to try Lulu and Marula, the link to their website is here and sign up for their newsletter, they have some amazing discounts that they often share. 

This review was not sponsored and I bought the products with my own money. This review is honest based on my own personal experience with the products. It may work differently on your skin.