Why Nintendo is the preferred console in our house


So if you ever walk into our place, you will see what looks like a tribute to Sony, somehow a Sony Fangirl met a Sony Fanboy and joined their consoles on the TV stand. We use the Sonys for everything from Monster bash Sunday, where we play many rounds of Diablo III to watching Netflix and just relaxing.

What you might notice is a few hints of Nintendo, a Wii balance board here, a tin from a new Pokémon game there. They are everywhere but not as obvious, as our love for Sony. Now you are probably wondering why I say that the Nintendo’s are what we prefer. Well, it is simple, we both have a 3DS, we don’t share games, we buy a copy for each of us, so we can sit next to each other playing the games we like. If Pokémon, comes out in two forms, example, Sun and Moon, then we buy both copies and one of us play the one and the other one plays the other. Often, we do this so we can swop Pokémon that aren’t available in the one game but we both know it is because we both want to play right now.  This doesn’t really happen with our other games, we have a few pc games were we each have a copy of the game but for most the most part, this is how we rock Nintendo.

So, in March when the switch came out, we only bought one, since we could each have an account on it and then we will be fine, we can share, we share the PS4 so why not the Switch. Then Nintendo announced the bad news, Pokémon will be coming out after the next release, on the Switch. Um okay, this may be a problem. We only have one Switch and we don’t share Pokémon games well. Also, we both become obsessed and want to play all the time. Having full-time jobs means we can only really play, nights and weekends.

So has Nintendo forced us to consider buying another Switch? Yes, they seem to have gotten us to the point where we acknowledge that one Switch won’t be enough. While we aren’t running out to buy a new Switch now, it is on our list of things to save for in the future. Also, I am curious if Switches will start coming out in game-specific branding like the DS’s do. When you are a fangirl, you can find yourself justifying buying another thing from your fandom quite easily, yours is old, the battery isn’t great anymore. What if you lose your saved game? The chargers are hard to find, the list is virtually endless when it comes to games or fandoms, heck I can do that with makeup and handbags just as easily.

Do you have a similar obsession in your household?