Hi and welcome to the newer and more improved Red and her Adventures, I decided to change the focus as the other blog I co blog on has been getting far more attention from me lately. Don't worry I shall be posting on both but feel the need to give Red and her Adventures some serious love lately.

I still live in Pretoria, South Africa and am engaged to a lovely guy I call Fluffy that lives in Joburg, so there will be some cross city posts as well.

I have been seriously addicted to yarn crafts, to the point where they are starting to blend into my art and crossing lines with that. Will show you all when my stuff that I have been working on soonish. Been making a lot of small changes in my life lately, will be sharing my ups and downs as well as new adventures in the future more often.

Going to be learning how to cook properly as well artistic and craft adventures. Taking my health more seriously so there maybe a few moments when I share health and fitness things that I am following with you and my thoughts if they are working.

What I hope is that this blog makes you laugh and gets your creativity sparked.