Ode to the uniform

Growing up South African we wore school uniforms and had to cope with dress codes. While some of us had schools with more relaxed dress rules most of us had strict school uniform rules. These rules guided everything from skirt height to hairstyles we could wear to schools.


As an adult I have noticed a lot of South African women either only wear their hair loose since it wasn’t allowed for the 12 years we went to school or our hair gets tied up the second that we need to concentrate. I fall in the latter category but my hair is thick and curly so can get a bit everywhere.

I have been seeing a lot about the capsule wardrobe lately, okay like the last 4 years, I have toyed with the idea for a while now about it but was always hesitant to make the leap when I realised that I can use the concept of a uniform.

So the process I took for figuring out what could be my uniform.

I looked at the things that I wear the most often and then what I feel good wearing.


  • Linen shirt dresses- I have two of these and they only get better with age.

    • I have them in navy and black which tends to go with everything.

  • Bright coloured dresses in fun cuts or nice feeling textures. I love a good dress; a good dress can make you feel confident and dressed with cute flats is great for brunch or if your work dress code is more casual.


  • Good pants that can be dressed down with a t-shirt and dressed up with a heel and a blazer are amazing.

  • Whether they are traditional work fabric or good quality jeans that are cut like suit pants.

Pretty blouses

  • Blouses, a pretty top can make the difference between just another black pair of pants and a blazer.

  • I do have some funky t-shirts like a Wonder Woman t-shit and a vintage Star Wars t-shirt that can look pretty amazing with a skirt.

Comfortable shoes

  • I have no time for a shoe that isn’t comfortable. Doesn’t matter if it is a heel or a flat. If I can’t put it on easily and walk a whole day in them, I just won’t wear them.

  • Doesn’t mean I don’t love pretty shoes but my shoes fall into two categories display or on my feet.

What I am trying to do is bring my wardrobe down to fifty items. My winter stuff will go into storage boxes but the rest to stay needs to look good on me, has clothes it works well with so can create outfits. I will be uploading that video to my very dusty YouTube channel on Sunday.