Can a minimalist do crafts?

In a world where the focus is becoming more and more minimalist and the focus is more on only using what you need, many people have stopped crafting or believe that it is for children and the elderly. Handcrafts are in an interesting position as some are dying out whilst others seem to be exploding in popularity. One of the problems is also the belief that crafts take a lot of space.

There are reports of studies that are showing meditative qualities to knitting (they clearly haven’t seen me unravel my work after a mistake) and other crafts. The fact is, as much as gaming doesn’t need a whole lot of stuff, the gear is nice.  this is the same for many crafts - the supplies are wonderful, but you don’t need mountains of supplies.

The insane crafting rooms on Pinterest and that of some YouTubers is enough to make the beginner want to give up before they have even begun. While a beautiful craft room is drool worthy, it isn't needed for most of us. A lot of crafters can store everything that they need in a basket.

Knitting and Crochet

Hobbies such as knitting and crochet doesn't need that much space. You just need a basket that you can store your yarn and equipment in and as long as you don't hoard yarn, a basket should be enough. (I am aware of the fact that I need multiple baskets).  


Embroidery  is another of these smaller space friendly hand crafts.   A medium sized hoop, some floss and needles with a beeswax block, a scissor, and your patterns and you should be ready to go. You could add a smaller hoop but as long as you keep to smallish projects, you should be fine space wise.  


Space wise, sewing is more of an investment as a sewing machine is relatively large and fabric and an ironing board can take some space when you have it set up while sewing. You don't need to dedicate a whole room or a section of space to your sewing supplies though. A few crafters have those cute bar carts from IKEA (wish we got them here) and have their material and sewing machine and supplies stored there when not using them. A desk you can empty or a dining room table is enough space.

Crochet hook and yarn
So it's winter so suddenly after a very hot summer I am all about the knitting and comfort food. While the knitting and crochet projects are shaping up nicely, I need to focus on eating more veggies.

I'm considering knitting a project from @westknits but haven't decided which one yet and still terrified of his projects. 
Any recommendations? 
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A beautiful handmade quilt can really change your room and is a precious heirloom to be loved for generations. A few of us that sew have already made the space to store a sewing machine so cot quilts can be something we make as a gift for those we love without having huge space for quilting. Though, I have seen huge quilts made in tiny sewing rooms, most people limit the size of their quilts. Unless you are doing the stitch through quilting yourself you don't need that much space.

Digital Art

If space is really a problem and you don't have space to store drawing or painting supplies, you can still do this if you have an iPad that works with an Apple pencil. Use the App procreate and learn how to draw and paint digitally. That way you won't have stacks of paper everywhere and the smell of linseed oil in your bedroom.  

Watercolour painting

If digital isn’t your thing and you want to experiment with real paint of all the painting styles that need the least room, Watercolour and Gouache are it. , you will be amazed by how one good palette, a good selection of key colour pans and a few rushes with a watercolour paper block, will allow you to create some of the most amazing art.

While at a later stage you may want to start doing crafts that take more space like woodwork, there are a lot of crafts that don’t need that much space.

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