Making the commute to work easier

Like many people around the world, a long commute to work is something that I do to go to my day job. The drive a long the same stretch of highway can get monotonous so I have gotten a few things that I do on different days that help make it a little less hard.


While I wish my commute to work was either shorter or that I could take a train to work not have to sit on a highway. I have found a few things that make me happy on my route.

Audio Books

Audio books are a wonderful things where you can listen to some of your favourite books and their stories unfold. Some of the books are BBC radio full cast ensembles, which i can only say is even better. Seriously you have to give Good Omens a listen.

While there are many ways to get audio books, I quite enjoy audible for letting me get access to a huge variety quickly and easily. My mom used to take them out from the listener library when she had a long commute to work.


While you may know I have started my own podcast with my best friend, I love listening to podcasts while driving. I use Spotify to listen to my podcasts and like seeing if there are a few new ones to try.

Currently I am enjoying:

  • History Chicks

  • Regular Girls

  • Stuff Mom never told you

  • Savior

  • Geeks of all trades

  • Badform Podcast

If I could do something with my hands then I would enjoy knitting and crochet but reading a book would be bliss.

The other things that I do to make the commute good is have a few snacks, such as nuts, protein bars, an apple or something since sometimes the drive home from work can take ages, so a snacks are needed. If its 18h30 at night and you are hungry then getting a snack helps keep focus on the road.

I also have a reusable cup for coffee that I make for the drive, sometimes depending on how long the day was, I make a cup before I go home from work.

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