How do you spot a curly haired girl in a room?


She will be chatting to the other curly haired girl about some new hair product she loves or swears by. This and if you are in her house, she will have 5 different half empty shampoos and one seriously close to empty bottle of conditioner.

The reason why curly haired girls do this?

Embracing our natural hair is a huge step for curlies. Media and school, has often made most of us really unsure of ourselves as curly haired people. Some many of us have been told we look beautiful with our hair straight and very seldom heard a compliment while our hair was curly.

Then the curly girl revolution happened.

More and more curly haired girls have gone onto the curly haired girl routine and found different price points so curlies on any budget could get the curls that they deserve. Interestingly most curlies do the routine for a while before their hair completely adapts to the new routine and starts forming some of the best curly hair.

So what is the curly girl method?

Its a hair care routine that allows curls to develop without frizz and products that weigh them down the hair and creates hair that barely curls.

These shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain barely any sulfates, silicone and drying agents such as alcohol. So by using the products in the right combo and the right products for your curl type cause every curly girl has a different curl type. So some products might make your hair hair look amazing or terrible, depending on your hair.

So what am I doing?

Hair care

So I have 2C/3A hair, depending on where I am.

I use a low sulfate shampoo most of the time and then using the squish to conditioner method to hydrate my curls. I don’t wash all the conditioner out, it makes my hair softer that way. I am having a hard time getting a gel that does what I need without drying my hair.

Hair styling

If I have time then I do plop, then either use a diffuser to dry my hair or I let it air-dry. On days when I am in a hurry I rake my fingers through, pin my fringe back and let it air dry. I have been curious about clipping but one day at a time.

So you want more info on curly haired method than I gave?

On Youtube I watch Curly Susie, she is great and super friendly. She’s like the sister we all want to teach us how to be a curly.

Want to go full curly, here is an amazing article that teaches that helps demystify it way better than I can.