How to survive wedding season

The girls guide to saving a lot of money this coming wedding season. we all have it that moment of dread when you open your inbox or when you open your mail and you see another wedding invite. As much as you’re happy for your friends getting married or relatives, the fact that you just can't afford another pretty dress, more shoes, a gift and even hotel stays can become a problem, so what's a girl to do?


Offer to pay for the cake

Or flowers for the groomsmen

The last 3 years has been wedding season, including my own so I can't point too many fingers here. It gets to the point with you just know that if you're invited to one more party where you must pay for a gift that shows how much you care about the couple.

What I've started doing is saving a little bit of money every month and by little bit I mean R100 and that money is going into my wedding fund this is full the emergency gift, the paying for the Bachelorette party share, as well as if there's hotel fees I need to cover.

Wedding gifts I started doing something a little bit more personal where instead of giving money unless the couple really wants money. I've started buying local products; unique vases, pretty hand towels as well as experiences. Experiences are probably one of the better gifts to give even though it can be a little bit tricky. By experiences I mean everything from a voucher to have breakfast at a very nice restaurant to going on a hot air balloon as well as a guided walk around in inner city Johannesburg.

When the engineer and I got married we were broke, we had saved enough money for the wedding but after the wedding we still had a lot of expenses that we needed to cover so going out for dinner or even something simple is coffee became something we just couldn't afford. This give me the idea of the gift you can do when you're broke, to be honest I've even considered giving Uber Eats vouchers that's a wedding gift this highly does depend on the couple.

If you must give a gift and the couple of doesn't give you a wedding registry then I suggest going for something that you know was going to last them quite a long of time in a classic design and colour. A beautiful blanket that is not only a statement on their bed but something that you know they going to be able to use.

Giving gifts that people can use is often a lot better they just giving something because oh it looked pretty and reminded me of you. If you want to give artworks rather go to a gallery and see if you can arrange a voucher with them. This way on a gallery night the couple can go and see some of the works and decide on something that they would like.  

A lot of illustrators do amazing portraits and they can be wonderful gifts for the wedding, even if you just frame it in a basic white or black frame from somewhere like MrP home.

Wedding gifts don’t have to cost you a fortune and if you avoid the major retailers and rather go for something more unique or personal then you can get something truly amazing.

  • The cake is my awesome wedding cake that was gifted to us. Photo credit Elize from Project Photo

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