Favourite stationary that I carry around almost daily

So something a lot of people know about me, is that I love stationary. Not in an “oh what a pretty notebook” kind of a way but more of an “I must have it all” kind of way. I am basically the crazy girl in the stationary shop that will go in for a pen, knowing full well which one I want and leave with three bags of stationary. I haven’t bought new stationary for a while because I like being able to afford to eat.

Almost daily stationary

Now one of the things I should say that everyone is different and what works for me, might drive you utterly and completely batty. There isn’t much I can do about that other than being super specific about what I like about the products and you can read through them and decide if it works for you.


Pens are one of those things that everyone has their own preference but I have a few options about that makes a pen good for me. I like a very thin line, I write really small and it is a mix of cursive and lose so the thinner lines make it look super neat whereas with a thicker pen it could easily look sloppy. Personally I very seldom get along well with a gel pen though once in a while I find an exception to the rule.

  • Pilot BP-1 Fine- I got this at PNA
  • Pentel Pocket brush pen
  • Clip Pen


Some people only use thick and super bold highlighters. I am a little different, I want a thinner barrel that I can easily hold in my hand and use as a calligraphy pen with ease if I am a little bored. Colours are a hit and a miss, I definitely see yellow better than other colours but I am not the world’s biggest fan of yellow so I TEND TO GO FOR SOFTER PINKS OR PURPLES, I find blue is too close to the colour of the pen.

Pentel- Skylights


Is there anything better to use while brainstorming or just thinking up an idea than a pencil? Honestly I don’t think so. While I despise using a clutch pencil to draw with, I feel the exact opposite about a clutch pencil to write with. I prefer a 0.3 lead or even a 0.5 led while busy writing, any thicker than that and my brain rebels against it, and I keep thinking my handwriting looks super unneat right now.

Clutch pencil, has no name on it but I got it at PNA


Notebooks can be a hit and a miss, the biggest thing is I want them to lie flat when I open them and the paper has to be super smooth, almost a little glossy. It makes me feel as if it is a huge luxury item and a pretty notebook is expensive so why not chose ones that make writing in them feel worth your time?

Woolworths notebook

Do you have any stationary items you would recommend?

Please note this is not a sponsored post or even uses affiliate links. Not that either of those would change how I review a product, honesty foremost.