Is the Miniso wireless speaker worth it?

speaker miniso.jpg

It's no secret: I have a thing for speakers and wireless technology. If I could, I would have everything cordless or wireless. While the joys of not having to charge wired speakers or headphones is always a plus point, not having the mass of tangles is also a major plus point. 

I saw the Miniso wireless speaker in the shops about 4 months ago, but they only had the instore demo left and while it was quite loud in the store, I wasn't in the mood to buy a used speaker just because it piqued my interest. Imagine my delight when I saw they got them back into stock about three weeks ago. 

The speakers are very reasonably priced under R400. While they are not the smallest wireless speakers I have seen in the portable market, they are also by far not the biggest portable wireless speaker that I have come across. The polaroid speaker next to our tv is about 15x bigger and is also considered portable. 

The speaker connects to your phone or a pc via Bluetooth. It does have aux cable connector, so you can plug connect non-Bluetooth devices as well. It has a built-in microphone, so if it's on your desk when you're playing Spotify and you get a call, you can easily answer the phone. You might not what to use this in an open plan office but rather in a home office, your living room, bathroom, or wherever you want to listen to music. 

speaker miniso.jpg

The sound is actually really good for how cheap this speaker is. The bass isn't crazy and won't overpower your music and the high notes don't sound tinny. I have heard speakers worth more than triple that have worse sound. 

The battery on this device is super impressive. I left it on for a whole day and the next morning the battery was still going strong, so its standby time is remarkable. I had it running music for over 6 hours and the battery was still going live and playing my music comfortably. 

The downside is the voice when you switch the device on is clearly badly programmed but it is fairly easy to follow the instructions. The speaker also comes in a mint green, this could be tricky since not everyone wants a pastel coloured speaker. 

Would I recommend you consider buying the speaker? Yes, but only if the colours work for you.