Something new is in the air

Thanks to my day job, I get to obsess about a lot of things from perfect fonts, to great graphics and then the most important part, great content.

Glittery hello

Content should be king/queen/majestic as you want it to be. It will never be perfect but should reflect you. I have learnt thanks to my job that while I love my job I need to write about things I find interesting targeted to my own demographic. 

What is my demographic?

Women, anyone that identifies as female, you didn't have to be born female.
Looking for relevant and interesting articles on technology, lifestyle, geekery and well a hint of feminine added in. This means a more look at how tech and beauty and places in Joburg is affecting the lives of every day probably over the age of 25 women. 

I am not going to get everything right all the time but I am going to be authentic and true to myself and shower you with as much love and understanding because, at the end of the day, we are all different. 

When can you expect to hear from me?

I can't upload every day, but I can upload once a week so new content will be in your inbox every Sunday if you subscribe. It is easy to follow me on either social media or bloglovin or even *gasp* Pinterest. Sometimes I go crazy and make videos, I will put the videos in the articles as well as a link to them on my youtube. I just hate editing video. 

Will we only be hearing from you?

Nope, I have some cool stuff in the works and some of that involves asking people that know a lot more about certain topics than I do. To write articles for me and sharing their thoughts and options about various things.
What you can expect is the informal informative Style to stay true. 
Lastly if you want to write for me, you can pop me a message on any of my social media or fill in the volenture form for an easy way to get a hold of me.