Confessions of a plant serial killer

Sometimes no matter how hard I try I'll end up accidentally killing a plant. Even though I've loved it, remembered to water it and put it in the sunlight, they all come to the same sticky end.

At some point, I even asked a friend of mine who's good with plants to come look at the plants in my garden and give advice. So far, my plants in my garden seem to be doing well but I think that's more because of all the love and attention my grandfather gave them. It's been raining enough that my own bad abilities haven’t meant that they've not gotten enough water. The plants however that my grandfather didn't give me I've seem to not have had the same fate. I've even watched my cat tried to kill my plants and succeed. Although I would love to be one of those people. The ones with the ability to keep plants alive, I've just gone with “hey it's OK,” I’m not good with plants but so far been pretty good at keeping my cats’ alive approach.

I am sure that I can't be the only one that really can't wait for this new trend to be the queen of plants, to die. At some point hopefully, we can get back to pompom cushions and maybe being able to cook a succulent piece of chicken, in order to be considered a good hostess. Rather than how well the plants in your house look and if there are a lot of plants in the house.

Well, I would love to be one of those people who can keep plants alive in their house I've now watched my cats, myself and others accidentally kill my plants. I'm including the time we accidentally doomed the plant because it had a moth on it. When we lost moved a friend of mine very carefully helped us pack and had wrapped the poor plant; in packaging paper. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found one of my plants very carefully wrapped and transported in a dark box.

The problems I think is that we are so pressured to be good at everything that even something simple as not being good at keeping a plant alive becomes a big deal. Even more so when you're trying to show how good you are at keeping the house or decorating because If you fail at something that's now trending. It's not just a case of oh I choose not to have plants because then the content or looks of your house seems dated in comparison.

In order to solve my problem, I've decided that I'm going to embrace the plastic plant. The reason for this is, I'm trying to take more photos of things in the for the blog rather than using stock photos most the time. I feel like using my own photos will give it a bit more of an authentic feel. So sometimes you have fake it, in order to make it and in this case for the next while unless it's a plant in my garden it's probably going to be a fake plant.

If there are trends that you suck at, don’t be afraid to fake it or just ignore it. I love the look of plants, so I am going to fake it.

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