Coffee shop office culture

Sometimes staring at your walls at home is enough to drive you crazy but you find that not working from home isn't productive...

Ahhh, the rise of the freelancer: whether you are a content creator, a photographer or even an engineer, more and more of us are working freelance.

This means that we either spend a lot of time at home on our own while working, or we escape the house and go work at a coffee shop. Some of us even meet our clients in coffee shops as meeting them at home while you have a load of laundry drying isn't ideal.  

There is an art to knowing what to pack and where to go. The list of things you need is dependent on where you are going and what you need to produce work. There are however a few basics that do make working from somewhere else, even if it is for a few hours just for a change of scenery, more productive.


The coffee shop:

  • Select a place that caters for you to sit and work for a while. If there are charge ports, so much the better.  

  • Take some money with you for your coffee and a snack/meal and a decent tip. You are taking a waiter’s table space, so they need to be compensated for you being there for a while, and them losing a few clients if it is a busy morning.  

  • Comfortable chairs are a must, no one wants back problems because you sat for 4 hours working on a stool.  

How to still be productive:

  • Sit in a corner if possible. This allows for the minimum people walking past you.  

  • Have a list of things you want to accomplish and work from that so that you don't lose focus.

  • If you need WiFi, make sure you have a dongle with you in case the coffee shop doesn't have working WiFi.  

What to pack in your bag:

  • Your laptop and charger, if possible have a fully charged laptop.  

  • A notebook or diary so you can keep track of tasks that you need to accomplish.

  • A few pens for your notes.  

  • If you are seeing clients make sure you have the files you need for the meeting with you.  

  • Any extra cables or adapters that you may need. It would really be a wast of time if you need to edit photos but can't access your SD cards.  

Make sure that the days that you do decide not to work from home aren't the days that you have the longest list of urgent to-dos.

If you find you are distracted at home because the next door children are noisy or they are building,  invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and some relaxing concentrating music playlists. Bach and Mozart are great to listen to  while you are pumping out the workload.

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