Why even bother buying a DS anymore?

While a lot of us have become addicted to the Nintendo Switch the last couple of months. the pure fact is that quite a few of us still feel old school nostalgia for their DS, or want a DS for its portability. 


Now while I know PC Gaming is the way most people go, the joys of console gaming even more so pocket-sized console gaming is that it fits into your bag with ease. Seriously on our honeymoon in December, my husband had his DS in his coat pocket all the time and he barely noticed it was there but loved having it when we were waiting for things or stuck on trains. 

Now I am aware that people play games on their phones so the argument is why to have a DS when there is mobile gaming. 

  1. Buttons, buttons is one of the ways playing a game makes it feel more like you are in control of what you are doing. I have been obsessed with pressing buttons since before I can remember because I find joy in the tactile feedback.

  2. Battery life while it is true that you can carry more battery packs to help with the battery of your phone. If you play a DS, you are less likely to not kill the battery of your phone and don't have it when you need it most.

  3. Cost, while buying DS games can get pricey it is a once off cost but the weirdly little costs in mobile games can get a lot more expensive rather quickly.

Okay, so what about versus a Switch?

  1. Switch is amazing, in fact, I have raved about it in the past, you can check out that post here. So the Switch has a touch screen and buttons like some of the DSs’. Honestly being used to the DS, means gaming on the Switch is pretty much the same from a tactile function. It is, however, lighter and easier to hold for personal gaming.

  2. A new DS, battery lasts longer than a Switch. The reason is the screens are far less impressive. This isn’t a problem with the games that are made for DS, I am however curious how will made for DS games look on Switch in the future.

  3. A Switch is more expensive than a 2DS, in fact, you can nearly buy two 2DSs for the price of one Switch.

  4. Playing with other people, okay here the Switch has a clear advantage. It is made to be personal and sharing. Though you can do trades or battles in games with a DS, there really isn’t the chance to play the whole game with your friend.

While I can’t scream don’t buy a Switch, rather buy a DS, honestly, I think that they are nifty little consoles for people that have commutes or have long waits. There is a huge game library and you can get the games second hand from various places. If you just can’t justify buying a Switch now, considering that you can buy a nice DS second hand and have hours of fun.