The best app for beginner graphics

When you start taking your blog (youtube/Instagram) super seriously. You begin to realise that custom graphics are almost a requirement. This can be overwhelming if you don't know anything about photoshop or even where to begin.

Best app for graphics

While I am not suggesting taking a graphic design course, learning the basics of good photography and design is always a plus. The problem is when you have no idea where to start and really want to up your blog game now. 

I made the cover art for this post using my new favourite app, it is free well it has a free version and a paid one, I have found that the free version is more than good enough for my requirements. Though the paid version does look tempting, I honestly don't yet need it.

The app has a very small learning curve and after a few odd, and sometimes bad attempts, one figures out quite quickly what works for you. It has a lot of preset sizes and the icons are easy to figure out what to click on and what to avoid, for what you want to achieve.

screencapture-canva-create-a-design-1494506150582 copy.png

The app is called Canva and it is a little bit like what a lot of people wish they could do in Photoshop. I land up using a mix of photoshop and Canva but for most bloggers, it does almost everything they need. I honestly only use the mix of the two for my day job. The other thing I love is you can download the app onto your phone and create everything from birthday cards to Instagram posts and so much more. Also, you have access to your projects that you made on your computer on your phone. 

What I personally like is it is a little bit snap and click with the designs but if you play around you can create templates of your own. I created one for my Youtube channel but I haven't published my new series, yet, (work in progress).

Now I know this can not rival photoshop and using free stock photographs isn't always as great as using your own images but let's be perfectly frank. Doing everything on your own can be rather overwhelming. So finding things that you can do on your own without needing to hire a graphic designer or taking courses that a beginner blogger can't always afford.

What I can recommend with using this app is often less is more. Looking for clean photographs that fit the feeling of what you want to achieve, or can crop and edit simply to fit into what you want to achieve. I personally love using unsplash when looking for photographs because I am a sucker for a clean photograph that looks awesome. 

A simple pairing of one or two fonts that work well together and a great photograph can achieve a wonderful look. What I also did was, I uploaded my logo onto canva so I can just put it into the image and brand my graphics.

My blogs colours are white, pink and a gray, this combo I use in various effects to help with my own post branding. I have made the decision to not go back and rebrand all my old posts but just using this combo as I go forward. Will it work? I think so, I have used this on other sites with rather great success.

Where the two websites mentioned can be found:

What are your favourite apps to create designs?