Moving again and the journey to minimalism

So somehow the girl that lived more than 12 years in the same place is moving for the 4th time in two years. I can honestly say that I am tired of moving. This is part of my series on decluttering, minimalism as a reforming hoarder. 

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

When I moved to Joburg, I was lucky enough to move in a place with hand me down furniture from family (I have amazing furniture I would never have afforded if I had to buy myself). This was great because somehow I found an amazing two bedroom flat in an affordable area once I moved out of a flatshare. 

This was all great until my then fiancee now husband moved in since he bought more furniture. Suddenly we were surrounded by stuff. We became hoarders without even trying. Yay? We are moving again in three weeks and decided that since the new place is smaller. We would prefer not to be surrounded by stuff. So enter project minimalism, I haven't told the husband that is what I call it in my head. 

I refuse to share the photographs of packing at the moment because right now we have boxes everywhere as we sort and tidy what we keeping and what we are getting rid of. Using a mix of the KonMari method and just some common sense as a base of what we are doing. 

While sorting out our stuff these are the questions that we are asking:

  • Do we need it?

  • Would we buy this today if we needed something?

  • Does this "spark joy"

If it doesn't work, we are getting rid of it. We aren't just throwing away, we are offering our things to friends if they want something or need stuff. The rest is going to charities and what is completely unusable is being thrown away or recycled. 

When we have moved into our new place, I will pop in a video when everything is sorted including some images of the before in case you are curious. 

So how does the new place stack up? 

The master bedroom is quite large and has a walk-in wardrobe (feels so American), it is quite large so we are going to store all our clothing in there, this means getting rid of 4 pieces of furniture. We are keeping the drawer units, two small drawers sets for bedside tables since we both like reading in bed and so on. So having a place to put things is a must. 

I like doing my makeup at a vanity table or I will land up spreading all the makeup through the house on any surface that will work. So I will have my small desk with two drawers as my vanity table. You need to know yourself before you go crazy throwing away things.

The kitchen is a completely open plan as part of the living/dining room. This is weirdly terrifying since we haven't mastered the art of always washing every dish as and when used them but this will force us. I have removed roughly a 4th of what we had since some of our things were just not being used or impractical for us to keep. Weirdly I kept the milkshake maker since well it is wonderful in summer. We have a little dishwasher, so we will be making sure that we use it and that it is one of the first things that we are hooking up. 

Dining room set is non-negotiable with the two of us, we play board games with our friends on an almost weekly basis so making sure that there is a place to play board games, is quite important. We have a "small" bookcase that houses all our board games, though this has started to overflow onto other spaces so that is something we need to look at if maybe a bigger bookshelf would work better and look a lot neater. Our dining room table also came with a wonderful buffet, in here all the serving ware as well our nice stuff will be on display again. 

The living room, here we have to downsize, we are moving some of our couches to my grandfathers' house since he has space. We will be down to our sleeper couch as well as two armchairs. This and our tv wall unit will help everything looks cleaner and neater and we honestly don't need so many couches. Our games and DVDs, all fit into this, so what we needed to do was make sure that the vinyl we had, were ones we wanted to keep.

The study/hobbies this is the very hard one in particular for me. The board games are more the husbands but I have paint, yarn, markers and stuff everywhere. I am still terrified of when we reach the point where I need to sort this out. Stationery is my life in a weirdly odd way. 

The one thing I am looking forward to is that we have a proper outdoor space, so we can have our outdoor table and braai, for the once in a blue moon that we braai. We also don't need a laundry area, because that is part of a different space on the property. So tis time we don't have to make space for the washer and dryer but a drying rack is always useful.

If you have decluttering or moving tips, let me know.