Inkotober round up

As much as I love drawing, this year I decided not to do Inktober. There was just too much going on in October this year. Somehow I doubt that I will be doing Wrimo this year as well. 

This doesn't mean that I won't be enjoying watching different people partake in Inktober. I have a mix of South African artists that I follow as well a few international artists.

If you don't know what Inktober is, it is when artists of various levels and stages, complete beginner to well known, decided to draw with ink every day. Some of them do a whole new drawing every day, others aim to complete a drawing a week.

The point is to get back into the practise of drawing, most people, myself included don't draw enough. 

South African Artists

Greg Nell

I really like Gregs' art, I have a few of this things and if you ever meet him in person, then even the better. 

Martika Smit

I studied with Marika, she does the most amazing realistic oil paintings so I find my fascinated with how her drawings are different from her paintings. 

International Artists




One of my favourite artists on Youtube is also participating in Inktober. I am going to pop a link in below so you can see her art. I find her very relaxing and inspiring to watch.