Dance Class

After having been together for 5, well almost, 5 whole years. I can honestly say that other than some silly moves at a club and one wedding we attended where we mostly did the same silly moves and the shuffle. We finally attended a dance class. Whoohoo!

This is JP and Angelique dancing, not me and MR CD

This is JP and Angelique dancing, not me and MR CD

While our instructor, the wonderful JP, who owns Divergence Dance Studio took a lot of time and patience with us. He and Angelique teach the class together so girls have someone to follow with the steps and guys have. JP does lead the class so you don’t get confused who to listen to when. You can see they have a lot of practise doing this.

Our first class was an individual class so just Mr. CD and myself attended the class. Which worked since he counted each step, then got the hang of it and then went with it. I had a full ambidextrous moment and forgot which foot does what a few times since my balance and lack of dancing in years made me a little bit funny on the floor.

In an hour we learnt the basics to the boogie and the foxtrot. JP taught us the basics to the Boogie as well as the basics to the Foxtrot, and since I know it was the very basics, I think he did it in a great way. He made the dances fun and broke the steps down to a very basic level.

You can dress up or down, as much as you would like. I went in flat shoes and my fairly casual work clothes while Mr. CD went in jeans, a t-shirt and takkies. I learnt that flat shoes while super comfy might not work for Ball room, I am sure I have heeled dance shoes somewhere in a closet. Either in our flat or at my mothers’ house.  

Things I learnt, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Wear comfy clothes that you can move in. Wearing heels to dance in are worth it, even if it means relearning how to wear a pair of heels. Most importantly, dancing with a partner and being led is a very weird experience if your dancing repertoire is ballet when you were a kid and that weird dip into belly dancing in your early twenties. Neither of these require being led around the room nor touching the person you are dancing with all the time unless you reach quite high levels of ballet that I never got too. Relax about that, it does get better with practice I am told.

The Dance studio has new wooden floors, mirrored walls and safe parking. It is in Melville and very close to Greenside, as well as Parkhurst areas. Which means it is easy to get to. The classes are offered at night so, no worries about getting it to fit into your schedule.

If you are getting married, JP offers wedding dance choregraphy as well. This is great because no awkward moments for the groom or bride that can’t dance. 10 lessons gets you the perfect first dance, tailored to your song and how you dance. I think this is great after having witnessed many awkward first dances.

For more information you can contact JP via his Facebook page linked here.

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