How I am getting back into the habit of reading


I used to read a lot, and by a lot, I mean about a book a day or one every three days depending on how thick it was or how busy I was. Then somehow social media and Netflix and Youtube happened and all those mystical places I used to visit disappeared.

What changed that I don't read as much as I want to? 

Lately, I realised that this is bugging me. I am spending so much time online now that I don’t even read anymore and I have been an avid reader since I could read. I needed to write a new Bio for something and while it was always a no-brainer to add the simple words, avid reader.

Ahhh, this has been driving me up the wall as somehow it feels like I abandoned a part of my identity. If I no longer have time for reading due to Social Media and relaxing on the couch watching extra content. What else have I given up in my constant looking at pictures and planning living room layouts that I will never achieve, or want to achieve?

What I want to be able to do this year

So while I do have resolutions for work and what I want to achieve in 2018, I have decided the only two for my personal life are quite simply put, read more, cook more. I am not going to focus on why cook more is a goal, particularly in this post, I will share that when I am ready.

I have read enough psychology textbooks and self-help books, the psychology was prescribed reading, not for fun though I enjoyed it a lot. to know that undoing a bad habit is a lot of work and the new habit shouldn’t feel like a punishment. Thankfully reading isn’t a punishment for me anyway but breaking a dependency on social media is hard, even though I seldom post my own stuff.

So my plan of action is quite simply to make reading fun. I got a comfy spot by a lamp where I can read in the living room area or in my bed. I have also been going through my Kindle library and finding the books I really want to read. Lastly, I have been spending time on good reads and finding books from new authors I haven’t read but am very curious about.

What I like reading and am I willing to broaden my horizons? 

Are there any authors that you are completely obsessed with? I used to be obsessed with JK Rowling but need more to my reading habits than rereading Harry Potter every few years. Same goes for Terry Pratchett, I could win a quiz night on my own just about his amazing books. I have started with Neil Gaiman, but find that some of it is a lot grittier than what I am used to with my habit of British Authors.

Ironically, I used to roll my eyes when I worked in a bookstore and people were extremely specific that they only read certain types of authors from certain types of countries and here I am, trying to get out of that habit. I think it is easy to get into a comfort level, where this s what I do for fun and these books are fun, so I will continue to look for more of these types of books.

I can’t help but wonder, are book clubs still a thing?

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