What are you reading?

I used to be the girl that read at least one book a week. Who thought the idea of not having a book to read was the worlds biggest form of torture. Then life happened and by life I mean modern ways of doing things. Instead of reading a book, I would read blogs and news articles online. That has now changed to reading snippets between flicking through instagram and watching netflix. 

knitting and book

This morning I realised the last book I read for pleasure was in December! How could this have happened, have I been caught up in so much social networking and my own everyday hassles that I stopped doing something that brings me joy? Looking at my youtube I realised it is mostly makeup tutorials and comedy shows. Fairly mindless watching for a life I keep trying to convince myself is so very hectic.

I want to see what would happen if I switch off youtube and netflix and even Showmax for a week and focus on the things I actually enjoy doing. It isn't like I need any of these things to be happy. I have a book, a blog and a painting lined up between all my work stuff to catch up on. What are you reading, or doing for fun lately?