Quick Update

I know I have been super quiet lately, like people where starting to think I wasn't interested in blogging anymore. That really wasn't the case, it was more a case of I had been swomped with a million things to do, all of them impacting my life right at that moment. 

watercolour hands.jpg

So if you want to know what is new with me, read further.

I got a great job that I am really happy with and think I am doing a pretty good job of it so far. I moved into my own place, like living properly on my own now, no flat mates and super close to work, if I was so inclined I could walk to work, though thinking a bicycle would be better? 

I haven't got internet at home yet, but I am on the waiting list so I have that going for me, lets hope I get my line soon, so that I can blog easier. To entertain myself and prevent getting lonely though with my job I speak to so many people lonely isn't really a thing. I started going to a weekly quiz night, when ever I can. It is more fortnightly in my case. 

I am also in the process of getting my place pretty and ready for guests and vlogs and blog posts, I need plants and I keep forgetting the two I have at my moms place. I also need art against my walls, will be doing something about that pretty soon too. 

What is new in your life?