L'oreal Infallible 24h-Matte

I might be late to the bandwagon but this foundation or base is pretty wonderful. It is the L'oreal Infallible 24h-Matte, it promises long lasting anti-shine. This is great if you are like me and you have combination skin that can be dry and oily in some places. I have the type of job where if my makeup gets cakey or if I get super shiny, teenage girls will notice.

Loreal infallible 24-Matte

I think this would work a treat for people that are oily too. I highly suggest if you have dry skin to apply a good moisturiser before applying this. Apply a good moisturiser anyway because well looked after skin makes makeup look so much better and a primer helps with keeping it from settling in open pores. I use the Maybelline baby skin primer or the Catrice primer prime and fine but L'oreal did bring out a primer to use with their products so check that out too, I am trying to finish up what I have before buying anymore makeup. Anyway, the product is great for a pretty full coverage foundation but a wet blender makes it almost melt into your skin. It doesn't look to heavy but I noticed it sometimes picks up my peach fuzz so blending and thinning it out ever so slightly. 

I like using either my real techniques buffing brush to blend it in quickly and evenly onto my face. When I want a much softer effect then I will use my Cala makeup sponge. I am quite tempted to buy the real techniques sponge but the Cala has so far worked pretty well and is quite a bit cheaper. I set it with a kabuki brush from Cala and physicians formula loose powder. I have found that this works really well. 

Where to buy, Dischem or Clicks have it as well as some Edgars Red Squares.