Kitten and Us

The last few weeks, at least once a night, someone in the flat is going to gush and say something like aww cute or aww or look at what she is doing. We got a kitten, her name is Vivi from the final fantasy games. Stephen chose her name and it works wonderfully for our mischievous kitten.

Vivi in her basket

When we got her, we decided that there are a few things she needs to be able to do. We need her to be comfortable on a leash so that she can walk around safely when we go outside. She is going to be an indoorsy cat because I don't want something happening to her like a car hitting her or a dog. 

My family lives in Pretoria and I like visiting them, so we have also been working on taking her to different places during the weekend. We don't have a cat carrier, we have a plastic basket with slits everywhere, so she can see out and it is easy to carry while she is a kitten. 

Things she likes so far: 

  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Apparently the one lick of coffee she stole
  • Her blue and green giant granny blanket
  • Her pink bell fish

Things she doesn't like so far:

  • Stephen or myself leaving
  • The closed gate
  • Vacuum cleaner

She is almost 10 weeks old now and becoming such a wonderfully lovely cat, that particularly enjoys purring while attacking your hand. Poor Stephen.