Is it Autumn?

Is it just me or has it started to finally get a little bit colder at night? Like autumn maybe approaching and it is time to break out the berry lips? Not sure if I can get a pumpkin spiced anything in South Africa but it seems wintery and thus appropriate to wonder about.

winter makeup

I have a few makeup things that I don't really wear in summer because well Summer I want it to be super light and sheer whilst winter against all my black and grey clothes I want my face not to blend in to much. Not like streaky hard makeup but more a defined look and a bold eye or lip. 

I thought I would do a quick post on a few of my favourite things, these are almost all drugstore or technically pharmacy bought since thats what I can afford for most things, though trying to slowly add a few more higher end products into the mix, I feel more comfortable spending more on skincare and less on makeup but will buy the best foundation or base products I can afford and play with cheaper other makeup. 


Foundation, I did a full review on this on Monday so go check it out, the colour I got is cream chamois.

For blush: Essence cream blush is a lot like those bouncy Maybelline ones but give a great soft colour that blends into the softest pop. The pink looks very intense till it is on your face. 


Base coat is from Essence again, it is just a nice soft liquid that my eyeshadow can adhere to and gives me a good none creasing base to play with. 

I love these gel eyeliners from Physicians formula, these are the ones made for green eyes so it is a green, black and a purple with tiny little green flecks to pick up your eye colour, they are super creamy and easy to apply. They dry down really quick and won't budge all day. I have used more expensive gel eyeliners like these but this works by far the best for me.

Lastly this gold eyeshadow and brown eyeliner duo from Avon, this is for their younger people range but I find these great, they give a great easy to apply and blend with your finger and it is super small so I can pop it into my makeup bag for work and bobs your uncle.


I have reviewed these before. This colour from LA girl isn't garish on me as the one I had bought originally. It is a great soft nude colour for everyday and because of how these dry down, I can apply it once in the morning and only need to worry about it again at night. That said these are super drying. I use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips the night before if I am planning on using this and then again once I have removed this.