Casting on

I love knitting or crocheting, sewing not so much, but I have nothing against anyone that enjoys sewing. I just prefer yarn crafts to other crafts. I find that I seem to be more productive with knitting and crocheting during the winter months. I am currently knitting a fairly basic shawl in the most wonderful colour changing Katia yarn. I forget what the yarn is called but it is a cotton if that helps.

The thing is I am slow knitter and I get bored so I knit in front of the tv which results in awkward who gets the rights to the tv, the crafter or the gamer? Also I seem to have my grandmothers curse, I have a tendency to restart any project about 3 times.

I sometimes wonder why if knitting can be so frustrating is it on of the things that I spend the most time on the internet research, watching videos on and also looking up patterns, if I was to kit every pin on my knitting board, I would never work. Does this mean I would stop pinning knitting projects; nope.

That said there are places that I can't go into without spending a small fortune on knitting supplies, I have a serious addiction to knitpro needles, and noro yarn. I fell in love with Noro while in Scotland and was ecstatic when I found you could get it in South Africa a few years later only for it to go off the Market and back on. If you live in Joburg, go to Arthur Bales and buy a skein or two. They feel hard at first but within one or two washes, they are super soft. If you don't live locally you could totally follow this amazon button and check it out for yourself. 

I also notice quilts, and knitting and crochet work in tv programs, did you know that in movies and series, they will often add these to give a more realistic, lived in, feeling to a place. I think that says a lot about how we as a whole look at these crafts and perceive them as to be homey. When I started knitting I was teased by friends, now a lot of my friends spend far to much time crafting themselves to have time to tease me about. 

What is your crafting obsession?

p.s I am trying the amazon affiliate program out but I won't link to anything I am not completely happy with. I will also clearly state when something is an affiliate link.