Caroline Hirons skin care system

I suffered from pretty bad acne as a teenager and whilst I only get tiny spots from hormones or too much bread lately, I have large pores from all the years of acne. I read so many articles saying there is nothing that can be done about this, that I actually started to believe it.

Caroline Hirons

I got slightly obsessive with youtube around beginning of last year and then I started following a lot of the British beauty bloggers, link into link and then I found Caroline. I feel like I know here well enough to call her Caroline. She reminds me of one of my moms best friends and has a brazen and slightly sassy personality I sometimes wish I could pull off.

Caroline Hirons is considered to be a skincare specialist. She is a third generation counter girl and she really knows skincare and how to get your skin better than it was. I am starting to get the skin I wished I had when I was 18. 

She recommends washing your face twice, once to remove your makeup and once to get it clean. Then you need to use a toner (these are acids not the toners your mom used to use), then you apply your serums and your eye creams and then your moisturiser. Washing my face takes longer now than it has ever before but it has really made a difference. My makeup looks smoother, lasts longer and blends into my skin that it looks like I have better toned skin.Without makeup I still look like I have good skin, not embarrassed if I run into someone I know over a weekend whilst fresh faced. I actually find myself rolling out of bed to wash my face if I forgot before going to bed. 

Two of the golden rules I have learnt from her as well, if your skin isn't pink you aren't cleaning it enough. Wear sunscreen, I have always known this one as a South African but it is refreshing to be reminded to wear your sunscreen when you are using hardcore cleaning products on your skin. Some daily products such as moisterisers have sunblocks in them, I prefer to use a separate as living in South African sun makes me more paranoid. 

If you want to find more info on her recommendations with Skincare, her blog is a world of information. Her youtube channel is amazing and she does videos with people like Ruth Crilly from a Model Recommends.