Why I moved to Squarespace

I have been using blogger since my first blog, way back in 2012. I always adored it and will still recommend it to someone that wants to see if blogging is for them over other free blogging websites or website makes. 

That said, the last few months, I realised I wanted to start taking blogging more seriously. This didn't happen that well because every time I sat down to work. I stared at the same program I had used for years. The one that drove me slightly insane purely because I was bored of it. I had read the tutorials on how to make the blog a .com instead of a blogspot.com. Seemed easy enough but still felt all third partyish and had room for error. I despise room for error because it could involve me losing money that I honestly don't have to lose.

So many hours of contemplating, designing, trying to figure out the layout of my blog and colour scheme and tweaking and even more reading about css and .html5 and implementing it on the blog, all in hopes of getting the clean professional looking blog I always wanted. I was about to crack. I sat with my ipad flicking through pinterest when a post caught my eye. It was about Squarespace, curious I opened it up and read the post. Then the next one and the next one, till it felt like I had done enough research to write a critical essay for varsity not a blog post. 

I opened up Squarespace, signed up for the free trail and then played around with my blogs content on their templates and the logo designer, and all of the rest when 5 hours later, I had the design, I wanted, the layout more or less how I liked it. I will never resit the urge to tweek it, I am impulsive. So I signed up for the cheapest option they had. My blog doesn't get a million hits and it is still a personal blog, not really a business so it didn't make sense to go for more expensive hosting options. I got a custom domain name, and the option to get a custom email address, still contemplating if I should do that.

I liked that with a little bit of typing I got everything to move over, from my comment program, Disqus, I had to read up helpful guides to do this. My social media links moved over without a problem. 

I do believe that the average person could do this whole process without having to get help from a friend though with everything in life. It is easier if you have a fair understanding of how these types of things should work. It is a little bit more complicated than blogger but a whole lot simpler than a wordpress website. 

The templates respond automatically to whatever you are viewing them in. Whether it is a phone, tablet or a computer, so that is a whole lot less worry from my side about will this work. 

So while I am still brand new to this, and sitting through the mission of getting all my social media to pick up the changes I made. I thought I would leave you with the ability to be able to flick through my old content so you hopefully didn't lose your favourite post. 

What do you think of the slightly different design and feel?