Christmas Decor without making Flatmates uncomfortable

I love Christmas, I honestly think it is the best holiday ever, it is however very different in the Southern Hemisphere. Mostly because Christmas for me, means summer, the closest to a white Christmas I have ever gotten was white sandy beaches and a serious sunburn.

I recently, as in this week, moved in with a few friends, and I wanted to do something christmassy, without being obviously in your face and maybe make others uncomfortable, I spent a few hours on Pinterest and decided a washi tape star, shouldn't make anyone uncomfortable, even more so if it is in my room. 

It landed up looking a bit more pinwheely, and far less star shaped but i really like the whole happy accident aesthetic. I made a pinterest board with my ideas and inspiration, which I will link below. It has a slightly mid-20s and more modern take on Christmas decor. 

The stuff you can see in the picture:

  • Quilt: Handmade by my mom and me
  • Scatter Pillow: Big Blue
  • Washi tape: Typo