Top 5 Boardgames for more casual gaming

I am not the most aggressive gamer so I tend to play games purely for fun and getting to chat between rounds.

These are board games Stephen and I own, so we liked them enough to put our money on it.

Ticket to ride:

Oh we have so many of these, they are brilliant fun and each map set comes with its own challenges. These games take longer to play and have a bit of set up. They are playable as two player games up to 4 player games. The one map allows you to play teams, which could be 8 players, Haven't tried it with that many people. Though this game is great fun, once everyone clicks the rules. The biggest tip is don't try and screw the other players over, just play the game. 

30 Seconds

I know you are thinking, wait what? Before you think I have completely gone insane, it is a gateway game. Most people have a lot of fun playing it. Once they have played it and made the connection that board games can be fun, they are generally more inclined to play different games. That said, it is still one of my favourite games because that way I can use all the insane trivia in my head. 

Discworld Ankh-Morpork

If like me you are a pretty insane Terry Prachett fan, then this game is wicked, its fairly competitive and the better you know the other players, the weirder it gets. Watching a friend of mine think he was cunning and elusive, was hilarious. This game is set in the City of Ankh-Morpork and you get to play a character based on the City aka Vimes or the Dragon King are just a few of the ones you can pick.


This is one of those games that is oddly fun. It isn't new but they release expansions for it from time to time and it gets ridiculously huge when you have all the expansions. Each expansion adds to the rules. That said the base game is wonderful to play. The concept is, build cities, capture farmland and extend on roads. The more you have, the bigger they are, the more points you can get. It can be played really competitively but I have realised most people like to play it chilled.


I still have no idea how to describe this game. This is a very visual and association heavy game. The players all take a turn to give a clue describing a card in their hand. Every other player then picks a card from their own hand that they think fits the clue. These cards are then shuffled and then the players all vote for which card they think was the one that prompted the clue.

Do you have board games you would prefer more?