Essence Liquid Lipstick

Welcome to Make Up Monday *releases glitter into the air* This is my newest feature on the blog to show the wonderful world of makeup and will be focussing more on high street/drugstore style makeup with a few high end things in from time to time.

I have been dying to try out a liquid lipstick but there are very few affordable ones on the market for everyday use, a pinky nudy colour that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Essence has been one of my when ever I want to see if the concept works or looking for something super cheap and cheerful to add to my collection, go tos'. 

Today while walking around Dischem, seriously that place is dangerous to go in alone. I need to take someone in with me that hates shopping so that I only buy the stuff I went in to get and leave not walk through the aisles. I saw they had unpacked the liquid lipsticks and they have a limited range of these think 10-12 in total but they are very well balanced. The one I got is a peachy nude colour which works a treat since I have a more yellow undertone. The colour is 02 beauty secret and whilst it has a peachy tone to it, it is still pink enough that I think cooler toned girls can wear it. 

When I got home I immediately opened up the tube and applied it. It applies very satiny sheer, this is a shiny none highly pigmented lipstick and dries down fast but doesnt feel heavy on the lips. It gave me that soft glow of looking more polished with minimal makeup or a great soft lip with a heavy eye. 

Whilst I haven't tested this to see how long this lasts I don't expect amazing times from this, I have oily prone skin so make up tends to fade quickly on me. This does apply well enough that you can carry it around in your make up bag and reapply without it being a right old mess.

It costs R49 at my local Dischem, not sure if that was a special or the regular price but I figured it wasn't a lot of money to spend to try something out and so far I would probably buy this again. 

Let me know what you think? Have you tried these before?