Top 5 beauty vlogs, currently

Okay time for an youtube update, haven't done one in a while and I have been watching a lot more vlogs as well as regular youtube channels the last few months. My

last post

on youtube to watch was far more general but today I am feeling specific.

Top 5 beauty vlogs, currently

Beauty bloggers have become something I watch more and more lately as job interviews and how to present myself is becoming more important. So here are my favourite beauty vloggers, and yes I am aware that they are mostly British, I like the classic look and the cute accents they tend to have.

The South African:

I have done a review on her before for this series but still like her and think she is cool.

Pink Peonies Blog, is a makeup blog and youtube channel from a South African beauty blogger, I followed some of the things she recommends buying and so far am pretty happy. What really works is I can get the products here in South Africa so no more lusting and checking amazon and shipping price.

I still haven't stopped liking Luzanne and her blog, I really enjoy her vlogs, though they tend to be about once a month. She's super friendly, I have asked her questions about products, or in general and she always responds.

The Brits:

Fleur DeForce:

What type of blog about beauty channels would this be if I didn't make an ommage to Fleur herself and her beautiful vlogs, she and MDF as well as Piglet are cute. Her make up and recommendations are wonderful and the peeps into being part of the british beauty industry seem real, as well as fascinating.


Okay so for beauty, lifestyle and a serious dose of monochromatic glam, look no future than Anna. She does some serious cool vlogs, with great editing as well as wonderful minimalist make up to more glamorous make up looks without looking a bit fake. The sneak peeks into her new place in Brighton seems to be on the drool list.

Lily Pebbles:

Too this day I am not sure if that her name is really Lily Pebbles, or if it is amazing branding, I have a strong suspicion that it really is Lily Pebbles, how

cool is that?

She and Anna do a lot of videos together, which is how I came across her and I like her colourful but still sophisticated style and that like me she isn't pale, so lipstick colours and so forth she recommends, actually work on me. She has great how to cook videos from time to time and be still my beating heart, she does tech videos.

The one American:


I have a weird problem with some american accents, so sometimes no matter how good the content, I give up and switch to something else. Which is probably why I watch so many British vloggers. Tati is one of the few who's accent really doesn't bug me, at all. She does almost daily videos, seriously where does she find the time? They are great reviews on everyday make up as well as more high end and she does do cheap reviews. If she says a cheaper brand is better than an expensive brand, I pay attention, or if she says the more high end is worth it, I swoon and remember I am still on a student budget but might be able to get it next year.

There are other beauty vloggers I watch, but for now, these are the 5 that I will watch their videos as soon as I get a chance.

Which vloggers would you recommend?