Maybelline the Falsies volum' express mascara flared

Whew try saying that three times fast? Don't worry not going to make you.

Probably the best mascara ever

This mascara is amazing, I bought it after my

major clear out

when I started getting a bit tired of only being able to use one mascara because that was all I had.

It soon became my favourite, in the two months I have used it, this stuff has kicked arse so much. It gives me those lashes that look like they might touch my brows. My lashes already have a slight curl, perks of having curly hair I suppose, so even if I don't use an eyelash curler, roughly 90% of the time. This gives them that perfect flare and length, with a whole lot of volume.

So all in all:


 I am a sucker for the packaging and it has a cute guide on the back to show you how to use this mascara.


 I am in love, honestly, will replace this as it doesn't clump or irritate my eyes.


 Maybellie often has specials but I think I paid R120 which isn't bad for how awesome this mascara looks.