5 favourite movies to watch when feeling a little blue

We all have slightly off days, mine I just want a comfy hiding spot and something to take my mind off of my woes. I like using movies for those days.

Dirty Dancing:

It came out the year I was born, other kids watched The little Mermaid, I watched Baby learn to dance, I have been obsessed with dancing since the age of two. The movie makes me happy and I love the music. Also the best one liner from any romantic lead was said in this movie, say it with me now "No one, puts Baby in a corner".

Pride and Prejudice:

This is the one with Colin Firth, cause well he is Mr Darcy, even in Bridget Jones, it makes me sad how long it took me to get that reference. This one of the closest book to film adaptations and whilst I would never tell students to watch this instead of reading the book, seriously you can watch this instead of the book and know the book line for line.


The story of finding love between two slightly oddball characters in Paris. I love this movie from its witty dialogue, and the beautiful cinematography. This makes me believe in love, and want to take a garden gnome around the world. I might just use a cardboard cutout instead of a ceramic one.

10 things I hate about you:

From combat boots, witty remarks, Ms Perky and the modern adaptation of taming of the shrew, not to mention Heather Ledger, the reason why a lot of my friends went through an Aussie faze. This movie had the soundtrack to my years in high school and when I studied at Tuks. Clever girls for the win.

Die Hard franchise:

I know this seems unexpected with all the more romantic movie inspired list but I love Die Hard. I t has the best super villains, Alan Rickman sorry.It has proper car explosions and serious fight scenes. Watching things blow up and waiting for that epic line that starts with Yippe... really makes me laugh and just relax when I have had a bad day. Also Stephen knows he can take me to watch action movies instead of romantic movies and I won't complain.

I am suddenly in the mood for popcorn and to watch a movie.