Teahouse unplanned dinner date

Stephen and I have surprise dates from time to time, they are mostly surprise since we land up going to a restaurant due to starvation and we haven't eaten there before.


Look at the pretty ceiling

Last Friday night was one of those, as I got off of the gautrain, two hungry people greeted each other with our as usual way, basically bad puns, jokes and comments if one of us is late. The decision was clear, go get noms, and quickly.

Stephen the model for blog posts

Since this was not a planned thing, both of us were in jeans and tshirts, looking far to casual for Sandton but the restaurant didn't mind and we landed up having a blast. I just wish I had the guts to take more photos but it looked so nice I was intimidated to take more photos. Silly I know but I am still a little camera shy, getting better at taking pictures though.

Ramen beef stew

Ramen beef stew

For starters we shared dim sum, which is amazingly yummy and was the same price as Kung fu kitchen but a lot better. Mains, Stephen had a minced pork noodle dish, pork, no surprise there, he loves pork. I had ramen, this stewy beef ramen, which oh wow was amazing.

Dessert was poppy seed balls and ice-cream, we both had a serving, and neither of us regretted a single bite. Oh for drinks, Stephen had a fruit tea, which tasted and smelt amazing, there is something about fruit teas that always reminds me of candy, old fashioned fruit candies. I had a green tea latte, I didn't even know these existed but now that I know, they might be something I could get mildly far to enthusiastic about.

So you are probably wondering where is this mystical teahouse?

It is Gwefey teahouse in Sandton City Shopping centre

Price range, looking at roughly R120 per person, doing only mains and a drink.