Monty Python Flux

Best game to play with friends without taking it too seriously.

Monty Python Fluxx

A lot of my friends are avid gamers; boardgamers, larpers, pc gamers, pretty much you name it.

Monty Python Fluxx

We all take boardgames far to seriously, there have been tears and friendships nearly destroyed. So looking for a fun boardgame to play with friends without worrying to much. Most of my friends play Fluxx as a short little game when we go away or when we are with friends.

Monty Python Fluxx

Fluxx is really easy to play, it is silly with things like different accents, in a way it reminds me of the MAD boardgame from when I was a kid.

The Great thing about Fluxx is it is really easy to learn and a great way to just have a social laugh with friends, now the one featured here is Monty Python Fluxx but there are so many different ones, including the very basic standard version of Fluxx.

Where can you get them?


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