Drooling on vintage cars

I love vintage cars, or veteran motors as some people call them or classic motorcars as other people call them. There is something extremely appealing about the lines as well as the designs of vintage cars, I get far more excited seeing vintage cars versus a modern car, and with this I am including Porches as well as Ferrari's.

Vintage cars

Vintage fords

The restaurant Craft, in Parkhurst had a vintage cars and bikes get together last Sunday, they had pretty much an entire block of cars. I took as many photos as I could without getting in other peoples way, the place was packed. There was even a model t-ford, giving rides to people.

Vintage cars

I love the Parkhurst area, can't afford much more than a cup of coffee there but it is so beautiful and has that european cafe life culture in Johannesburg. I really would like that little flat in the right top of the photo, they have fake sheep and grass. Parkhurst has amazing cafes and restaurants without clubs so it doesn't get too insanely noisy like Melville or Greenside.

piping band, parkhurst

They even had a piping band from Jeppe High Schools, cause nothing is better than celebrating old cars with than with pipes and drummers, not being sarcastic, very Scottish here.

The beauty of these cars, are they are all loved, having vintage cars in peak condition is an expensive hobby but I think it it worthwhile as they are almost living testaments to history, I say living cause these cars really do seem to have personality.

Vintage cars