Curly hair guide

Okay so embarrassing selfies of me is me trying plopping, if you don't know what plopping is. It's the process of drying hair using at shirt wrapped in a specific method.

To do plop:

  1. Put gel or other styling aid in you freshly washed and wet hair.
  2. Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface
  3. Bend over and centre your head 
  4. Tie the ends of the t-shirt around the back of your head by the nape.
  5. Take the other end and fold over your head covering the hair.
  6. Tie the sleeves bit around behind your nape.
  7. Wait between 20 minutes or overnight.
  8. Release the hair and either dry it softly with a diffuser or let it dry naturally.
  9. Enjoy pretty curls.