What are you listening to?

Silence tends to kill me, I get lonely or just bored with myself, when I have nothing to listen too while working. This seems silly but since I am a painter, it helps to keep my brain busy while painting or prepping a painting or even writing a blogpost.

podcasts, headphones and typo

I love listening to podcasts and here are my current obsessions:

A Geek of all Trades- Hosted by Gregg and Douw, this is a podcast about geek life in South Africa.
GeekXP- Hosted by Les, this is a more general but very geeky podcast not only about South African geek culture but anything that geeks would find interesting.
Serial- I feel like I jumped on this bandwagon long after everyone else started but this is a serious mind twister.

podcasts, headphones and typo

Music that I am listening too:

Box of Light- British band I recently started listening too, so cute, little hippy and punk all at the same time. I also follow the lead singers blog and vlog.
Mr Cat and the Jackal- I can only describe it as hippy, meets drunken pirates, meets wow.
Rebecca Ferguson- She sings the blues, heartbreakingly.

Apps that I use:

Podcasts, I listen to Apple's own app that is easy for me to use and syncs my podcasts for me.
Audio books- Kindle's audio book app is wonderful and I get some amazing books that I can listen to.
Deezer is the legal version of Spotify type app for South Africa and I use it a lot. I often find music I never knew existed and I can use it on multiple platforms.

Do you know of anything I should try? Or what are you currently listening to?

All the accessories featured except the iPad itself and the lipbalm are from Typo.
The quilt was made by my mom and me.