Vampire slayers can hide as knitters

I love pretty much all needle crafts, I love knitting and crochet and am semi good with embroidery and started learning spinning.

Knitting, gauge, sample

I figured it was time to do a post on knitting needles and what is good for what and what I prefer using. To make it easier, I am going to be dividing the needles in specific styles:

I am using Double Knit yarn by Vinnis Bambi for all these samples to show size of needle influences the guage and the effect of the knitting. All samples are 10 rows and 20 stitches knitted in Stockinette stitch. 

Needle size 4mm or US 6 or UK 8

This is the size recommended most often for knitting with a double knit. It results in very little space between each stitch yet the stitches aren't tight.

Needle size 6mm/10/4

This results in a looser feeling, if you were to knit the dropped stitch method with this, it would give a bigger looser feeling to an already airy scarf.

Needle size 8mm/11/0

These are dounle the recommended size so the stitches will be double the size of hat normally is needed, these work well when knitting a summer scarf or wrap.

Needle size 10mm/15/000

Ohhh someone wants to knit fast and have no prisoners, these stitches are getting big and loose and have a wonderful drape, very little detail will be picked up if knitting a double knit in this size, so no cables. 

I really want to cosplay as the knitting vampire slayer, will let you know if I do.