The Great Geek Challenge

I have mentioned

Geek of all Trades

before, it is one of my favourite podcasts and I am getting to know the two master minds behind it better, they are

great guys

. *a post on this will be out in three days*

Great Geek Challenge Photos

So you might be wondering what is The Great Geek Challenge? Its a scavenger hunt or a list of activities to do when at Cons or fests or gatherings.  It allows people to get more involved in the Booths, games, and other activities at these type of events.

It is completely free and easy enough to participate in, the purpose is for geeks to get to know other geeks or find out about more geek communities. Their rules are available


 and explains everything a lot better than I could. The form is out with the challenge, you can get it,

download it now


From the

Geek of all Trades


Stephen has competed in it three times and won twice, he said he won't be competing at the one at Icon (We will see about that) so whilst he refuses to write the article for me, he pleads he is too busy, I am allowed to use his photos of these events. The other photos are from my awesome friend Carla Harris, a former winner herself *fingers crossed for her at Icon*. Since I have never competed, I have no photos of this other than when I was manning the booth for friends and the booth was involved in this type of challenge. There are a lot of photos of me on facebook dressed as an elf, on strangers facebook accounts.

Video by Carla

The Challenge is a series of tasks, that competitors have ticked off and signed if they accomplish the tasks. These are interesting, such as use only a red pen on your lists, as well as play games, watch anime, eat noodles, and so many more, my head hurts trying to recall it all. The winner is the geek with the most tasks ticked off on their lists. The guys at The Great Geek Challenge normally put the lists up a day or so before so you can download and prep it or you can rock up on the day and get the form there and fill it in.

What I suggest you need:

  • A clipboard, not everyone has flat areas to sign stuff
  • Multiple pens/pencils that are right for the game plan
  • Comfy shoes, you will be walking a lot
  • Money for noms and cute stuff, you don't have to buy stuff but you might want to.
  • A friend who is willing to help you 

Just don't let this interfere with you having fun!  The next Challenge will be at


this coming weekend. 

If you want to start (covertly) stalking them, their website link is


They have an awesome promo video made by Carla for the Challenge