Quilting Festival 2015- Kwazulu-Natal

So Last weekend and then a bit of last week we went to the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands for the National Quilting festival, 4 women, one trailer, a fortuner and 2 sewing machines, fabric, clothes for winter and bedding and way to much stuff, including snacks and thermos with hot water.

I am sharing some road trip photos and just general photos of the event, will be sharing photos of the 3 classes I took, tomorrow with little reviews.

What you need to know, the National Quilting festival is hosted in a different area around the country every two years by a Quilting Guild for that area, this years was in Kwazulu-Natal and next one will be in Port Elizabeth. So Quilters tend to road-trip from city to city for these, as they are often 800kms or more from each other.

My mom making a table cloth whilst we travel

My mom, me, Dot and Abie, Dot is an amazing quilter and one of the nicest ladies ever, seriously jealous of her grandchildren.

I had the amazing oppertunity that allowed me to not only see amazing people like Dot from

Dots quilts

 and then also *fangirl squeal* Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably, omg.

The Kaffe Fasset and Me talking to the amazing Brandon Mably

Turkish Drop Spindle

 I got a turkish drop spindle and learning how to make my own yarn.

Mom, Me, Janet, Christi


It was the first time, I went to one of these festivals and my moms second time and while there really is a difference in how Gautengers are verses Natalers, I still had fun. I had class from two of my heros that I greatly admire in the art and textile world. I did a quilting class, I really want to finish that quilt, it will be beautiful, though it was a learning experience to make it.

I had two classes with yarn crafts, where I learnt skills what I had really wanted to learn but either knew very little about or nothing about other than the very basic skills to be able to learn how to do it. I will be sharing posts in the next few weeks about the classes and the skills and will even make a basic video to show how you want to do. 

Have you gone on a festival for crafts?