Poppies class with Brandon Mably

I had the joy of being able to take a knitting class/colour theory class with Brandon Mably who taught the class using a Kaffe Fasset pattern. 

I took an insane amount of wool in tiny little balls, they said that's what you need so that's what I wanted to do. This is a mix of different yarn thickness and colours and types. I knitted them on my knitpro needles, which is my favourite set of knitting needles. 

My sample in Class

Background info

: Brandon Mably is one of Rowans designers and he designs knitwear, embroidery and fabrics for Rowan as well as Vogue knitting. He is the studio manager for Kaffe Fasset Studios and so does a lot of work and travels with Kaffe Fasset. He is an amazingly nice person, like seriously he is seriously nice and an amazing encourager or teacher.

I have never knitted Fair Isle before this class so this was quite a bit of a learning curve, he taught me how to knit the loop method and how to weave the strands as you go.

The multi-colour effect is due to taking roughly meter long pieces and tying them into strands with six colours in the same tonal value. you need to of these little balls. The balls are divided in two, one is the foreground and the other one is the background. The technique is pretty simple that they teach you, once you figure it out, though there is a video by Brandon Mably that shows it.

The technique

I have now started knitting Stephen a fair isle beanie, with a star wars motif, this seems to be taking some time but looks pretty amazing as I go. I know they say, never knit your significant other a jersey before marriage and never knit someone socks, does anyone know if there is a superstition about knitting hats?