Mascara me

I have been hearing for a long time, that mascara and eyeliner shouldn't get too old or they stop working. That you then need to get rid of them but I never knew more or less how old makeup should be before you chuck it out and buy a new one.

I figured the two year rule or the if you don't really use it should be fine, then I realised my stuff is just ergh. After reading about three articles (will link them below) on how old make up should get I knew it was time for the big bad mascara clear out. I decided since I couldn't remember when I had bought any of my mascaras it means that none of them should be a keeper,

The recommended age for a mascara is *drum roll please*
3 MONTHS, that's it, That's how old your mascara or eyeliner should be to get optimal use out of it, almost doesn't matter what brand it is, as long as it is new, very new.

So little bit more research on beauty without cruelty and good mascaras and I realised most of the brands I have been using and loving these past two years are fine. A lot of makeup houses don't get the bunny symbol but don't test on animals and state it very clearly on their online presences. Some countries completely ban testing on animals so if the make up is made in those countries aka Germany and Switzerland, you are good to go.

I like two fairly cheap drugstore brands already, which is Catrice and Essence, essence more while I was a under 25 year old make up wearer but now as I get a little older, willing to splash out another R30 for a better mascara like Catrice. Wet 'n wild are also a beauty without cruelty brand and their prices are really good, I am quite tempted to get one of their mascaras just to see if it is as good as their long lasting matte lipsticks. 4 hours on me is amazing so curious about their other products.

Have you got a mascara recommendation?

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