Man Flu Survival guide

So the Fluffy got sick this weekend, really sick. He had my full sympathies but I have never seen anyone want to recover faster in my life from being sick. I think he willed himself better within 32 hours. Mainly so he could eat lasagna and ice-cream,have I mentioned that I might be engaged to Garfield in human form with black hair not ginger?

Picture of my cat since no photos of ill men

Watching him I realised there are a few things that make having a cold easier or at least a stay in bed, you are sick day better. Little things that seemed to make him happier so hence I think it might make some sick people feel better.

  • Meds, seriously get some meds
  • Light snacks for when hungry but can't handle the idea of food, food.
  • A mixture of silly videos and some more serious, we watched
    • Whose line is it anyway
    • Last week tonight with John Oliver
    • Shark Week
    • Sword art online
    • Let them sleep with the softest cuddliest blanket you have or can find.

With some understanding and not guilt tripping the person that's sick, almost everyone gets sick, rest are in denial.  Most people do get better or feel a lot better if its just a regular old cold, or stomach bug within a day or two.

Things to avoid, cold, wet and too rich food.

How do you cope with someone with flu?