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Arrggh goes the viking pirate?

So this past weekend was South Africa's biggest old school gaming con, by that I mean there was a bit of everything that doesn't require electricity to be used, great in loadshedding. There was the traditional card gaming such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and L5R as well. There were the wonderful boardgames, did I mention boardgames are amazing and pretty if made right? The tournaments for settlers as well as Ticket to ride was in full swing whilst people demoed new games on the market. The Warmachine or hammer or insert tactical games involving figurines guys where there as well dice masters and heroclics not to forget the role-players. Out of a pure gaming viewpoint it was packed, I got to build a model because a friend is a super nice guy and I fell instantly in love with building figurines, might not play it but seriously I get to build and paint little stuff, whoot I am in.

There were also a few things not involved in the purely tabletop gaming world as well but a huge part of the geek culture. On Friday night there were not one but two LARP's I hear they were very successful whilst the guys from Teana set up camp on Saturday and taught people what is larping from a purely hi and welcome viewpoint. There camp was super friendly and welcoming as always, if you are ever at one of those areas, look for heather, the curly haired elf of super friendliness. Whilst Brett and Sarel, will be energetic and gladly teach you about larp armour as well as weapons and combat and Deon, the head of the camps, will teach you about epic tales.

The cosplayers, where there on Saturday, they were amazing as always because their costumes are amazing. Oh the effort those people go through for their costumes is admirable.

The Guys from Geek of all Trade was there, as discussed in

this article

 and did their awesome scavenger hunt, ironically, for once I won a prize. I am super excited, will share on instagram what my prize is, only going to go get it this Saturday.

The artist alley was amazing but it always is, and the artist alley had a weird secret this year, the worlds best cookies, I dream about those cookies, between all the comic books and the drawings, were these artisan cookies with chocolate and oh, my mouth is watering at the moment.

The highlight for most geeks that do attend, that I know, is the comedy show, while this year, Stephen and I couldn't go, we were told repeatedly by slightly smug voiced friends, that this year was the best so far, nut every year is the best so far. Big thanks for 

Vittorio Leonardi being the head comedian and the main organiser for this.