Hiding dark circles

We all have a few genetic traits that no matter what we do, they can not be described as amazing or wonderful or even great and we try to hide them or cover them up. Mine is dark circles, from a fairly intense iron deficiency. I often look as if someone punched me right below the eye. Don't worry I do do things for the iron deficiency including eating a lot of parsley.

Me, other than resting b*tch face, I always look a bit tired even if I drank 3l of water and got enough iron as well as sleep in, I have serious dark circles that seem to be genetic... errhhh

So last few months as part of my, the more effort you do, more people will take you seriously and you will feel better about yourself, campaign. I have tried various methods of concealing them.

For purpose of the experiment, I am going to be wearing

Avon Extra lasting liquid foundation

in the colour medium beige, in each shot then applying and blending the product in each photo.

First up:

Avon ideal flawless

Avon ideal flawless

invisible coverage cream-to-powder foundation

in the colour Natural Beige

I know it isn't a concealer but a make-up artist used it on my mom for a tv appearance once and covered hers  *I said this is genetic right?* and I have tried it a few times.

I love the packaging, it comes with a sponge, great for all over use, use a brush for concealing, and a mirror for 


 slipping in a bag, I quite like the look of this product. The price is quite reasonable for what it is and Avon has these on special quite often, so make friends with your local avon lady.

It is a buildable coverage, though it blends in beautifully. I used a small brush to get it it to blend in.


Packaging: 4/5

Price: 3/5


Second up:

L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal

L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal

HD.high-definition concealer

in the colour Creamy Beige

I saw this on a review by Pink Peonies and decided that for the price I had to try it out. You get it at Dischem and its cheap, the packaging is a bit cheap feeling but for the price this concealer works really hard to do the job

This stuff is insane, it gives a very thick coverage, it is hard to blend though, I really needed to work to blend it though once it was blended it was there for the whole day.


Packaging: 2/5

Price: 5/5

Product: 4/5

Third Up:

physicians formula, concealer

Physicians formula- Mineral wear Talc-Free Mineral correcting Concealer in Natural light and Pink Highlighter

So this I got in a sample box a while ago, one of those buy a little tester boxes, you get three shades or types of concealer normally but I only have two of the shades. These feel a little High school in the packaging but it is small and they click together which means storage is fairly easy. Coverage, seems to be both products work together.

I liked this the most, it is the most natural looking and blends wonderfully.


Packaging: 4/5

Price: 3/5

Product: 5/5