Bookshelf: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I don't want to do spoilers so sorry if I do, but READ THIS! and shouting done, promise.

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The book is Scottish, I don't mean written in Gaelic but a beautiful story about how Scotland was roughly 300 years ago, I am too lazy to do the maths. I fell in love with the book and in a weird way learnt a lot about my own heritage from reading this book and understood why a lot of Scots moved all over the world during these times. 

The book is set during the Jacobite era and goes along the story of a Laird and his wife and what they go through in the times of watching the royal family try and get their throne back and the English not wanting to release control over Scotland to the Scottish Royals, so fairly historical.It is classified as a multi-genre historical novel as there is a strong fantasy element and a lot of proper scottish superstition involved too. Diana Gabaldon is known for being historically accurate as far as possible and doing tons of research, which sounds weird if you think of it as a historical novel but makes sense I promise. 

The best part of the book it plays of in two different centuries, it follows the adventures of Clair, she is a nurse post world war 2 and she travels through time to Scotland in the Jacobean era. Through the book, there are themes of religion, gender equality as well as national pride and what people will do if they care about something. Expect a lot of pride, love, superstition and culture wrapped into a story so wonderful that it will leave you breathless. 

There is currently a series based on this called Outlander and the first seasons seems to be a 1/6 of the book and the first season is long and the episodes are nearly an hour each, this will give you and idea of how content rich the books are. 

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