Recovering old chairs

We have chairs at home that come from the farm house, they as old as anything and while not insanely beautiful they are strong, sturdy and handmade, I guess these chairs are about 80 years old but I could be very wrong and they could be older or younger.


I love them cause each one is just a little bit different than the other one and we have 4, one in my room, one in my moms and then two in the rest of the house doing various things, including being places for our cats to park their bums. 

They were starting to get a tad funky, we had recovered the chairs about 10 years ago and being used daily the fabric was just no longer bright and fresh. So we took them over to friends of ours and Carel helped us recover them, my mom and I both have small hands.

Things you needs:

Small hammer , the one here is an engineering hammer
Staple gun
fabric cut to size


Here are the photos step by step of how to cover a chair: 


1. Remove the old fabric, Carel is making funny faces here.


2. Staple a side flat, be careful to try and pull the fabric taunt but not stretch it too tight.


3. Continue with this process till all the sides have been done


4. Carefully fold your edges over and staple them in place. Hammer in any staples that aren't perfectly in.


This is what it should look like once it is done.