Quiz Night

The geek world in South Africa has always been bit underground for me, it took a lot of effort to find the geeks that I could relate to but once I found them. Wow, I made so many wonderful friends, I have never felt so comfortable just being myself around people.

The thing is, if you don't know where to look, you can miss the geek culture completely and always feel a bit alone or think all these cool things only happen in other countries. So an amazing Guy called Les, decided to do something about it, he created a community as well as facebook account and a website *website is closed currently* and one of my two favourite geek podcasts *will blog about these in more depth, next week*. The whole project is called GeekXP.

What GeekXP does it connects you to the geek community of South Africa, I happen to live in Gauteng so the list of events is pretty insane and its great just to get an email once in a while going this is what you are interested in and what is happening in your area/country. Les tries really hard that this never feels like spam unlike other things I get emails from. He also organises events from time to time that focuses on a specific group or he does promos with geek stuff and recruits geeks to do stuff at these promos.


The fun we had, Fluffy and I joined a group of our friends, slightly at the last minute for this, we knew a few days before we were in a team. Our team was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kittens, and wow it was a blast. The entire team was a bunch of our friends ranging in ages from about 32 to 24, so fairly younger geek group but not too young. We did dress up a little but we will be doing more effort in future, I think. Will share our photos in a bit. We came second of I think 10 teams, I stand to be corrected. The winning team consisted on some pretty impressive geeks, head of plot for teana, and so on, a bunch of hardcore geeks of knowledge were in that. So coming in second was no easy feat as the final scores weren't too bad, they didn't steam roll us. 
The girls in our team, from Left to Right:
Me, Dana and Carla

It was held at the Italian club and we got fed pizza, pasta and since we were all adults we even had some drinks, some where sponsored, others we bought. It was a yummy night. 

So overall the night was amazing and I am so going to do it again. Our team gets discount for the next quiz night as long as the team stays intact, I think it is in October, but will definitely put posts on facebook as well as twitter for next time so if you do live in Gauteng, you can go. 

Things to bare in mind, small kids will be bored, nothing shocking will happen but there isn't anything for them to do, it is a quiz night after all. Teens can be in your team or if you and your friends have enough teens, you could even enter them as a team. The age of most of the teams were roughly 24 to about 50 so the questions are multi generational of geeks and some questions you just going to have no idea and others you going to be fighting to answer the questions.

The one thing I didn't take a picture of and seriously sorry about that was Dana baked me cupcakes for my birthday, they were chocolate stout cupcakes with a whiskey gancshe and baileys frosting, omw they were amazing. 

*All the pics expect of the girls in our team was taken off of the GeekXP facebook page* 
Full disclosure: I help out at events for GeekXP and sometimes even help do the booths at cons. I have never been paid for these other than with meals and free tickets to stuff. So my option is, I wouldn't give up my time if I didn't believe in what he is doing.